Samir & Yonatan



Written by
Daniella Carmi & Sivan Handelsman
Directed by:
Sivan Handelsman



 Yogev Yefet


כיתות ז - יב

תקציר ההצגה

Samir, an Arab child during the "Intifada", is taken to an Israeli hospital for a special operation. He arrives in the children\'s ward grieving for his dead brother and traumatized by the disintegration of his family life. Too shy to speak, he watches the other children in his ward, when an unexpected bond happens between Samir and Yonatan. Yonatan is fascinated by the planets. It is Yonatan who calms Samir, offers him friendship and tells him about the other world of the stars and planets. When Samir returns home, he knows he has seen the impossible happen: he has made friends with the enemy.



  • Samir & Yonatan
  • Samir & Yonatan
  • Samir & Yonatan
  • Samir & Yonatan