An Israeli Love Story


Written and Directed by: Pnina Gary

Musical arrangement: Yaniv Levi
Choreography: Rina Sharett
Set Design: Avi Wertzel
Lighting: Liad Malone


Adi Bielski
(Winner of "Actress of the year" award 2008, Fringe


כיתות ט - יב ומבוגרים

תקציר ההצגה

It begins in the summer 1942 through a chance meeting at a bus stop, between Margalit, young and vibrant and Ami, an idealistic Kibbutz pioneer and soldier in the "Palmach",(The unofficial army pre-state Israel). Despite the many hardships and dangers of those times, their relationship develops.
This innocently told love story is intricately interwoven with the values and problems of an era gone by, and vividly captures the characters and atmosphere of pre-state Israel.

“This meeting revealed a new world to me. I felt pain; I felt I missed something I never knew. A world of joy at being a Tsabar, that working the land was a source of true pride, a world of hoes and cows, of celebrations, singing and dancing till dawn, of lovers hiding in the meadows or barns. But this love story was cut down a day before the wedding day. That shocked me. And yet, what has changed?
The innocence of youth, the will to sacrifice oneself for the greater good? For there was no "mine" then, but "ours": Clothes, food, money, guarding duty, work etc. Maybe it was the modesty, the ability to live with less rather than more, the desire to chase values and ideology rather than money, publicity or power Pnina's tale is an Israeli one, and like Israel it is strong, beautiful, humorous and tragic. It is our story.” Adi Bielski

2008 - The play is dedicated to the memory of my fiance Eli Ben-Zvi, who was killed in the war of Independence in 1948.

ביקורות וחוות דעת

Dear Harold Green Jewish Theatre and the entire production team:
Today, the residents of the Terraces of Baycrest Retirement Residence along with members of the Wagman Community Centre had the pleasure of attending the afternoon live performance of “An Israeli Love Story.”
On behalf of the attendees, thank you for providing such a wonderful show and a joyful afternoon at the Jacob Family Theatre. Our residents and members thoroughly loved the performance. Thank you for affording us this amazing opportunity. I want you know how much it is appreciated.
This is what some of the residents/members were saying on the way back home from the show:
Helen Cornfield – “…an amazing performance!! I was completely wrapped up in her performance!”
Malka Feldman – “brought back so many memories of that period. I used to sit and listen to the radio just like she did in the play. I cried for her during the play.”
Evelyn Bloom – “ Acting was superb! What a wonderful performance to see!”
Shirley Stants – “ I can’t believe she did all that acting by herself! She is so talented! What a joy to see!”
Thank you once again.
Yours sincerely,
Sabina Ntim
Therapeutic Recreation
Terraces/Wagman Centr

Pnina Gary in Wikipedia

Adi Bielski

"The performance is excellent in every respect. Pnina Gary has directed the play in the correct tone and style as living, relevant, authentic and direct theatre, a moving, very touching experience… Adi Bielski shapes a credible and authentic figure, a rare achievement for an actress. Living and direct theatre that is impressive and moving, in short, not-to-be-missed experience".                         Ben-Ami Feingold, Makor Rishon

"It is both a fragment of history-nostalgia, which is a personal life experience, …which is universal, and one cannot remain indifferent to it. …Adi Bielski has a captivating presence…"         Michael Handelzalts, Ha’aretz

"This is a monodrama that evokes identification. It presents a fascinating life story, …this story remains relevant to this day".            Shai Bar-Yaakov, Yedioth Ahronoth

THE JERUSALEM POST, "Love in troubled times" 2.4.2010

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  • An Israeli Love Story
  • An Israeli Love Story
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